Worth seeing again...

The 6 "miracles" of the previous years that swore they would make you lose weight...

1. Green Tea

It was a hit in 2006 and, not least, people started drinking green tea with the promise that this, combined with diet and exercise, would ensure weight loss.

Indeed, in some studies has been reported that green tea, by having caffeine and catechins in its molecules, causes an increase in thermogenesis and fat oxidation, affecting the sympathetic nervous system. But, attention attention! We are not talking about canned and sweetened products, but of the natural tea with considerable amounts of the compound.

2. Hibiscus Tea

Take a look in the incredible text written by Fernanda in the related post below!

3. Chia

Chia seeds are highly rich in omega-3, 6 and 9, essential fatty acids and fiber. Thus, it is able to promote several health benefits, but with regard to weight loss, one of several researches - and with the same outcome - did not identify any difference in weight or body composition between the groups studied.

4. Human Ration

We turned birds in 2010! The fashion was to eat only cereals and oilseeds!

I have not found any scientific article that proves its effects. What I found were magazine articles claiming their benefits, which, given their composition (bran and germ of wheat, linseed, oats, sesame, beer yeast, cocoa...) confer with some part of the alleged: moderation of appetite, satiety and intestine (Look how much fiber!). Now, about weight loss, mood enhancement and disposition... I do not dare give a sink about it.

5. Goji berry

2011 was the year of the "bargain" of $100/kg! And look that almost without much evidence... It is certain that the researches tried to understand the benefits in diverse diseases - which yes they found many! But in weight loss.... xiiiii... There is only evidence of waist circumference reduction, but no evidence on body weight reduction. They claim that other studies are needed to confirm this efficacy.

6. Green Tea

Take a look in the incredible text written by Isis in the related post below!

Now it is a reflection of the past for the future:

After all these years;

After all the financial investment in a product;

After a promise that a specific food could aid your body...

Do you really think it was worth it ???

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The Baker's Wife (1938)

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